GF Pumpkin Donuts {Fried}

There is just something about fried food, am I right?


I haven’t had a fried Donut in over 5 years. My family makes dozens and dozens of donuts every year at our annual Halloween party, and again on Halloween night. After smelling and seeing donuts all last night at our family party, I couldn’t handle it ANYMORE!

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Fox 13 The Place; Namaste Foods Giveaway


Woooow! What a fun couple of days!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the Fox 13 news station and asked to do a little cooking segment. I had such a fun and nerve racking time filming a live cooking segment on Fox 13 The Place. {Watch segment here} The co-hosts were extremely nice and I had a lot of fun experiencing the TV atmosphere!

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Halloween Books



When my daughter was a tiny baby, I started collecting Halloween books every October to add to our Halloween collection.

Fast forward 10 years and we’ve got a nice little pile we pull out every October. I add at least one book every year, but this year we added about 8-10 from all the awesome suggestions you shared!

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