Spring Yard Prep: Tip #2

Spring is right around the corner! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing tips about getting your yard ready for spring!

At my house, it’s snowing AGAIN! But over the weekend we had fantastic weather that melted the snow, so we got outside & got some spring prep done.

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

Tip #2 Rake your Lawn:
To prep your yard for spring, grab your rake and remove any old leaves/debry, taking care to also rake through thatches of grass. This will help to remove dead grass, break up SNOW MOLD, aid with air circulation and promote a healthier lawn come spring. Plus, this is a great family activity that is easy for children to help with.

Wondering what Snow mold is? It’s a type of fungus and a turf disease that damages or kills grass after snow melts, typically in late winter. You’ve probably seen this, or even had it without even knowing!

Spring Yard/Garden Prep Tips

There are two types of snow molds: gray snow mold and pink snow mold. They both become active under the snow cover.

There are a few  things you can do in the fall to help prevent getting snow mold through the winter.

1. For the last cut of the season, mow your grass a little shorter than normal.  Longer grass is a favorite of snow mold.
2. Mulch leaves in the fall to eliminate this additional breeding ground.
3. Use a low-nitrogen, slow-release lawn food. Nitrogen can promote snow mold growth.

If you do have snow mold come spring, follow my tip #2 for spring prep. RAKE YOUR LAWN! This helps break up the snow mold and get oxygen to the roots so you’ll have a beautiful lawn come summer!

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