Black Truffle Sea Salt Popcorn

Black Truffle Sea Salt Popcorn

We take our popcorn very seriously around our house. (Find some of our favorite recipes here & here.) Combine our love for popcorn with our love for Redstone Olive Oil and a new favorite was born.

After visiting Redstone Olive Oil and Sampling their Black Truffle Sea Salt Popcorn made with Butter Olive Oil and Black Truffle Salt, we were hooked! (Use code “GARDENSPOT15” for 15% off your order.)

It has become an after school favorite, or really a favorite for any occasion. We’ve made this more times than I can count for after school playdates, Friday night movies, & Saturday hang outs.  It’s so easy to make and even more delicious (and healthy!)! I know you are going to love it as much as we do!

Black Truffle Sea Salt Popcorn

To make simply:

1. Air-pop some popcorn (we Love Dibble Farms popcorn).
2. Drizzle with Redstone “Butter” Olive Oil
3. Sprinkle with Redstone Black Truffle Sea Salt (oh my YUMMINESS!!)
4. Toss and repeat until preferred flavor is achieved!
5. ENJOY! (This will seriously knock your socks off!!)

Use code “GARDENSPOT15” for 15% off your total order at RedStone!

I’ve had so many questions about my bowl. It comes in a 3 piece set. Find it here.
Happy Popping!


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